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Press and publications

"Operation Giulia"
excerpt from the magazine Quattroruote


"Ecco La Giulia"

Published for introduction 1600TI

Quattroruote, july 1962; full article 6 pages

Supplement "all cars in the world"
part 1, december 1965; 8 pages

Roadtest Giulia Ti

Autovisie Nr.5-1963, Dutch language. 4 pages

Unknown magazine and date. Italian language. 2 pages

Roadtest Giulia Ti Super: "Giulia, fu vera gloria"

Autonotizie, 6-1967, Italian language. 4 pages
(hence the not 100% correct preview of the 1600 Super!

"Le Nuove Giulia"
Preview for modelyear 1968 Giulia 1600 Super and 1300 Berlina & Ti

Quattroruote, 1-1970, Italian language. 2 pages

Roadtest for all new 1300 Super MY1970: "Alfa Romeo 1300 Super: Prove su strada"

"Le Giulia 1969"
Preview new model Giulia 1600 Super, 1300 Ti and GT1300

Autonotizie, date unknown. Incomplete, Italian language

"Operation Giulia"
excerpt from the magazine Quattroruote


Supplement "all cars in the world"
part 2, december 1965; 9 pages

"Giulia dei Miracoli"
Extracted from the magazine Il Quadrifoglio


4 Giulia's and a AR51 Matta drive 32.000km, from the Vatican to Bejing
Nr 7/8/9-1968; 24 pages. Italian language

Roadtest Giulia Super: "Rijervaringen met de Alfa Romeo Giulia Super"

Autokampioen No.35, 8-1966; Dutch language. 6 pages

Roadtest Giulia Biscione: "La Giulia Super"

l'Automobile, 1969; Italian language. 1 page

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