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Anouncement of new Giulia "Super" in magazine

Unknown magazine, 1965. Italian language

Presentation of new type Italian licence plates, featuring Giulia Ti

7th of April 1965: the first of the new type of licenseplates was registered in Milano with number MI-A00000. The plate was appointed to a Giulia 1600Ti. (hence the combination "MIAOOO" on licence plate and the cat sitting on the car)

Alfa Romeo-distributor on Thai Autoshow

Thailand, 1975

Advertisment Giulia Ti Super

1964, French market

Advertisment Giulia Diesel

1976, Italian market

Advertisment "Lead a double Life" 

For 1600 Super (1st series), US-market. Date unknown.

Advertisements & publicity

Advertisment from distributor Louwman & Parqui: complete range of models

Date unknown, French market

Advertisment Giulia Super Biscione, 1750 Berlina and GTV

Advertisment Autorai 1970: featuring Giulia Super, 1750 Berlina/GTV & new Spider Coda Tronca

1970, Dutch market

Advertisment "Confortalfa": featuring 1st series 1600 Super

Date unknown, Swiss market

Date unknown, French market

Advertisment "Berline 1750"

Pricelist 1964

1964, US-market

Advertisment with dealers to sell Giulia Super

8-1966, Dutch market. Extracted from Autokampioen No. 35

8-1966, Dutch market. Extracted from Autokampioen No. 35

Advertisment Giulia Ti: "la macchina di famiglia che vince le corse"

Date unknown (probably '63-'64), Italian market

Advertisment Berlina 1750: "Alfa 1750 berlina är rymlig"

Date unknown (2nd series, so >'70), Swedish market

Advertisment Giulia TI: "Four doors (and 105mph) are open for a test drive"

Date unknown, English language. UK-market

Advertisment Berlina 2000: "Die schönsten verbindung zwishen 2 punkten"

Date unknown, German language

Drawing Giulia Ti aerodynamics

1962, used in several publications for marketing use to demonstrate the Giulia's kamm-tail

Picture: "1st Asian assemled Alfa Romeo"

1968, production of Berlina 1750 in Malaysia

Advertisment Giulia Ti: "L'ha disegnata il vento"

Date unknown, Italian market

1962, general use

Advertisment Giulia Ti, together with 2600 Sprint

Advertisment Berlina 2000: "If they called last years Alfa's "nearly perfect"..."

Date unknown, US-market

Advertisment Berlina 1750 & Giulia 1300 Ti: "The new arrivals"

1968, UK-market

Advertisment Berlina 2000: "Championne 'd Europe"

1971, French market

Advertisment Berlina 2000: "Automatics can be fun te drive"

1971, Australian market

Picture Giulia 1300Ti: first Giulia's MY'68 waiting to be used for demonstrations

December 1967, Arese factory

Picture from presentation new Giulia 105-series: three 1600Ti's with 101-series Giulia Sprint

27th June 1962, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Advertisment Berlina 1750: "You don't have to give up everything when you're married"

Date unknown, US-market

Advertisment Giulia 1600Ti: "La <<furia>> Alfa Romeo"

1962, French market

Advertisment Berlina 1750: "de onverwoestbare 1750"

1968, Dutch market

Picture Giulia 1600Ti with Orazio Satta Puliga (designer Nord-engine)


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